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    TravelCenters of America believes in giving back to the communities in which we do business, as well as to those organizations that are meaningful to our customers and employees.

    TA and Petro Stopping Centers

    TravelCenters of America aims to treat professional drivers with the respect they deserve at the company’s TA and Petro branded travel centers.

    St. Christopher Driver Development and Relief Fund (SCF)

    TA and Petro joined SCF in 2010 in order to align their charitable focus to the needs of their primary customer, the professional truck driver. SCF provides financial assistance when a driver is hospitalized or receives some form of medical treatment and can no longer drive-either permanently or for a significant period of time. For most drivers, driving is the sole means of income for their families and many are underinsured. The SCF reimburses qualified expenses so the driver and his/her family does not not suffer undue financial hardship. SCF has paid house or truck payments, utility bills and other vital living expenses to assist those in need.  

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    America's Road Team

    TA and Petro sponsor's the American Trucking Association's America's Road Team by providing the fuel for this group of professional drivers who provide public relations support for the trucking industry. The America's Road Team are hand selected professional truck drivers for all over the country who speak to schools, media events and other local organizations promoting safety and educating these entities of the trucking profession's focus on highway safety.

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    Citizen Driver Award

    In 2013, TA and Petro launched the annual Citizen Driver nomination process. Veteran professional drivers who exhibit high standards of safety, leadership, community involvement and giving back are nominated, vetted and a select number are graded by a list of judges. The drivers honored as a Citizen Driver have their favorite TA or Petro travel center location named after them.  Front and rear entrance signs are changed out with the name of the Citizen Driver honoree and local ceremonies are held for the unveiling and to promote to local communities that the professional truck driving ranks are filled with stellar examples of community minded individuals. This is TA and Petro's effort to educate the motoring public at a grassroots level of the high standards of most within the truck driving industry and to promote a positive image for those who earn a living as a professional truck driver. An annual awards ceremony is held to announce each year's honorees at the Mid American Trucking show in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Honoring Our Veterans

    Each year, TA and Petro, through our TA and Petro Stopping Center branded sit down restaurants, honors and respects military veterans by providing free meals on the 4th of July. During that day, each restaurant also displays one table empty as a symbol of all the military members who lost their lives for our freedom. Donations that day are provided to military charities in each community.

    The Fight Against Human Trafficking

    TA and Petro was the first travel center chain to join the fight against human trafficking. In 2011, TA and Petro joined Truckers Against Trafficking, an organization that empowers professional truck drivers on spotting and reporting suspected human trafficking activity along the nation's highways. TA and Petro mandates that all existing and new TA and Petro employees are trained on TAT training materials. More recently, TA and Petro enhanced this fight by joining the Department of Homeland Security's Blue Campaign, a program that also raises the awareness of this crime and how to report suspected activity. Blue Campaign posters and additional training materials are being used to expand TA and Petro's base of knowledge and that of their customers.  

    Find out more about Truckers Against Trafficking

    Wreaths Across America

    TA and Petro participates in the Truckload Carrier's Association Wreath's Across America event in December in several ways.  The Wreaths Across America effort transports thousands of fresh pine Christmas memorial wreaths to Arlington National Cemetery and other military cemeteries where wreaths are laid at every gravestone to honor those who have given their lives for our country.  First, TA and Petro sponsors part of the fund raising efforts at the annual TCA WAA gala event in Washington DC. Second, TA and Petro enrolled one of their own delivery trucks from their Over The Road Distributing warehouse to participate in the wreath delivery process and third, TA and Petro host dinner for the convoy in route to Arlington (which includes bus loads of veterans of all wars).

    Find out more about Wreath's Across America

    TA and Petro offers support for other truck driving organizations. One is Trucker Buddy International, an organization that matches professional truck drivers as educational "pen pals" with schools across the globe. Within this program, truck drivers participate in school curriculums in subjects like history, geography and math by sharing information during their travels across the U.S. interstate system. TA and Petro participate by sending trucker related "premium items" that school children receive as gifts and incentives within the classroom.

    TravelCenters of America – Corporate Office

    Headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, approximately 15 miles west of Cleveland, TravelCenters of America’s corporate employees have been donating to the local American Red Cross Disaster Services during the holiday season for nearly two decades.

    Each year, employees donate new toys that the Red Cross distributes to children who are victims of disasters – namely house fires – during the holiday season and throughout the year. At times, these gifts may be all a family has left if they’ve lost everything due to fire or other disaster. The gifts are a token of hope and bring a smile to each child’s face.

    Read more about the Greater Cleveland Red Cross Disaster Services

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